Digital Twin: Colibri Unity, C# Colibri is a digital twin of a physical automata designed by Derek Hugger. 3D assets were created in Blender and assembled within Unity. Animation is not keyframed - the Unity physics engine (PhysX) was utilized and pushed to its limits - the entire sculpture is powered by a single driving motor.

Developing FFXIVRotations.com

In Final Fantasy XIV every character class has up to 57 skills. The order of which to use the skills is often talked about - whether it’s new players wanting to know how to use their new skills, or high end raiders who want the optimal sequence.

Developing Quacer

This was my VRJam 2015 Entry. See my entry, and a gameplay video here. What is VRJam? Entrants are given a month to create a VR experience or game for the GearVR.

Rust: Initial Impressions

Rust gained some attention over the past few weeks so I decided to jump in and read Rust By Example. Rust By Example The book is well designed and easy to read on desktop and mobile.

Programatically solving crafting in FFXIV

Project on Github here. Crafting in Final Fantasy 14 is a minigame. The outcome of a single crafting attempt can be no items, a standard item or a HQ (high quality) version of your item that has better stats.