Digital Twin: Colibri

Colibri is a digital twin of a physical automata designed by Derek Hugger. 3D assets were created in Blender and assembled within Unity. Animation is not keyframed - the Unity physics engine (PhysX) was utilized and pushed to its limits - the entire sculpture is powered by a single driving motor. The high definition render pipeline was used along with raytracing features.


A competition entry for a Oculus VRJam competition entry. The concept was a VR experience with a realistic quadcopter that you could race through an obstacle course. Once you completed the course you would race against your ghost to improve your lap times. I developed PID control for the individual quadcopter motors, providing realistic handling. This was developed for the Gear VR headset and later adapted for the HTC Vive. I developed the landscape generation code during live coding sessions.

More details are available in the developing quacer blog post.


This application entertained your cat by having interactive critters and toys roam around the screen. This was a successful paid product with over 80,000 installs, and I was interviewed by Kotaku about its success. Various satisfied customers (example A, example B) can be found on youtube.


Tau is a game engine I created using C++ and DirectX. The graphics layer provided abstraction of the graphics API. C++ templates were heavily used to achieve this. I added a simple rigidbody physics engine, particle system, and an animation sequencing library. I built several tech demos and games to demonstrate the features.

I developed Pong, PacMan and Snake using the engine. The pac man game had a twist - in this game you controlled the ghosts. I further went on to develop a solar system simulation that demonstrates HDR features such as tonemapping and bloom.

Stephen Hawking's Snapshots of the Universe

Stephen Hawking I was the lead developer of this iOS project developed using Unity. This application taught physics concepts through entertaining and visually pleasing cel-shaded interactive experiments. It won several awards from Apple and was featured on the app store. Developed for Smashing Ideas.

Mindful Powers

Mindful Powers This application taught mindfulness concepts. Built using Unity, I developed the shaders for the main character, Flibbertygibbet. It won several awards. Developed for Smashing Ideas.